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Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects a person’s blood sugar levels. But have you thought that diabetes might also lead to hearing loss? If you cannot maintain your blood glucose level within a normal range, it can harm the nerve cells of your inner ear and cause impaired hearing, says an audiologist of a hearing aid centre. 

How can diabetes lead to hearing loss?

Reports suggest that diabetic patients are at a higher risk of hearing loss than those without diabetes. Excess blood sugar levels can damage the nerves and blood vessels of your inner ear. Similarly, low blood sugar levels also affect how the inner nerve signals travel to the brain.

There is no definite cause of hearing loss in people with diabetes. However, audiologists at hearing aids clinic in Kolkata suggest that blood sugar levels outside the normal range may affect the blood supply to the nerves and blood vessels of the inner ear, resulting in hearing impairment. 

The risk factors for hearing loss in diabetic patients are not clear. However, the chances of impaired hearing are high if you cannot maintain your blood sugar levels. 

Also, there are other factors which might cause hearing loss if you have diabetes:

  • Perforated eardrum 
  • Prolonged exposure to loud noise 
  • Chronic middle ear infections
  • Ototoxic medications

If you notice any of these aspects that have affected your hearing ability, you should see an audiologist to get the best hearing loss treatment in Kolkata.

Treatment options for hearing loss in diabetic patients 

To diagnose hearing loss in diabetic patients, an audiologist will ask about the symptoms and try to know the cause of hearing loss. Your audiologist in the hearing aids clinic will also conduct a painless hearing test to determine the type and severity of your hearing impairment. 

If you experience sensorineural hearing loss, your audiologist will recommend personalized hearing aids. 

Hearing loss treatment caused by diabetes also involves making certain lifestyle like eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients and avoiding starchy foods. Regular workout is also suggested. 

If you suspect any signs of hearing loss, consult an audiologist to get the best hearing loss treatment in Kolkata and make an effective recovery.