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Ear Machine Shop Explains Importance of Dedicated Hearing Care

Ear Machine Shop Explains Importance of Dedicated Hearing Care

There are several hearing aids available on the internet. So, why invest in dedicated hearing care from an audiologist?

According to an audiologist of Hearing Plus, an ear machine shop in Kolkata, here are five reasons to consult a professional for hearing care.

1. Knowledge

Audiologists typically hold advanced degrees in the field of hearing health. Thus, their knowledge allows them to diagnose hearing loss and choose the appropriate hearing aids.

People experience hearing loss in various ways and have different communication needs. 

Therefore, instead of ordering hearing aids online, people suffering from hearing issues should consult an audiologist and opt for a hearing test in Kolkata to ensure successful treatment.

2. Right Fit

Every ear is different. Therefore, hearing aids must be individually fitted to each user and programmed to support their listening habits to maximize comfort and functionality. 

This can only be done by a qualified audiologist or hearing aid specialist. Additionally, audiologists can keep track of a person’s hearing development over time and adjust as needed. 

It may take time for the body and mind to adjust to hearing aids, and a period of discomfort may call for professional support. 

So, ordering and wearing hearing technology is not a quick fix.

3. Support for Tinnitus and Balance

Tinnitus, a persistent ringing, buzzing, or clicking sound in the ear, frequently coexists with hearing loss. While the condition is still under study and is not yet fully understood, audiologists are qualified to address the condition.

Additionally, audiologists frequently identify and treat balance problems caused by hearing loss. 

4. Security

There is evidence that it can be harmful when a person tries to program their own hearing technology or select a one-size-fits-all solution. 

The person may end up programming their hearing technology to amplify sound too loudly, thus, causing further deterioration of their hearing. Therefore, instead of trying to DIY, it’s better to consult a professional.

To make a hearing aid compatible with an individual’s hearing loss and avoid unnecessarily loud amplification, an audiologist administers a battery of tests. 

5. Finance

While ordering a hearing aid online may result in significant upfront cost savings, going to a licensed audiologist for care is a better choice. 

For instance, ear machine shops in Kolkata, in addition to conducting tests, providing diagnostic results, and helping people choose the right hearing aid, offers professional cleaning services, warranty protection, and upgrade recommendations. 

Hearing aid clinics know that hearing aids can be pricey, so they always try to offer reasonable alternatives, such as discounts, sales, and financing options. 

Thus, going to a professional for hearing solutions will give a person access to ample additional quality of life services.

Latest Rechargeable Hearing Aids – AI Powered

Latest Rechargeable Hearing Aids – AI Powered

Making hearing aids rechargeable may be the most fascinating invention and improvement in hearing aid technology that has lately occurred.

If you use disposable battery-powered hearing aids or have worn them at some point, you understand how crucial batteries are to the performance of your hearing aids. 

But you also know how difficult it can be to acquire hearing aid batteries, change them, have spares on hand, or run out of power in the middle of an event or discussion, says an expert of rechargeable hearing aids in Kolkata.

Rechargeable hearing aids are a breakthrough

That is why rechargeable hearing aids are such a big breakthrough. There will no longer be a need to purchase or replace hearing aid batteries. There will be no more dropping and losing little batteries on the carpet, grass, or under your couch. No more leaving the battery door open at night to turn off your hearing aids and reduce depletion.

Instead, with rechargeable hearing aids, all you have to do at night is charge them while you sleep, just like your smartphone, and you’ll be ready to go all day when you put them on in the morning.

But that’s not it. The latest hearing aids are about so much more than rescuing you from the hassle of the issues mentioned above. 

What do the latest rechargeable hearing aids offer?

1. Speech Clarity

When there is competing background noise, the most recent rechargeable hearing aids can deliver a crisper voice signal by minimizing this noise, says the expert of an ear machine center in Kolkata.

2. Noise Reduction

Most modern rechargeable hearing aids give less noise amplification than speech amplification. This is accomplished by recognizing the frequencies where noise is especially powerful compared to speech and using less amplification.

3. 360 Degree Sound

The 360-degree voice capability lets users listen to a wide range of sounds, from birds chirping to heart-to-heart talks at a crowded restaurant.

4. AI 

It can tell the difference between background noise and speech. In other words, it can mimic the sound to the brain that you would hear if your hearing was not disabled, says the expert of the best rechargeable hearing aids.

5. Bluetooth

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids may be wirelessly connected to devices such as televisions, cell phones, tablets, and FM systems through a wireless streaming attachment. Bluetooth technology functions similarly to wireless internet in that sounds are transmitted via an invisible electrical signal.

6. Customized Sound Experience

Custom rechargeable hearing aids can gather sounds the way nature intended. 

Some bespoke latest rechargeable hearing aids have a greater sound quality and provide a totally personalized listening experience. For example, your hearing aids may be able to monitor your sound environment and automatically adapt to the most natural settings for different noises. 

This means you may concentrate on one sound while remaining aware of the other sounds around you – a 360° soundscape.

For more details, contact Hearing Plus, a well-known ear machine center in Kolkata.

8 FAQs Answered by the Audiologists of a Hearing Aid Centre

8 FAQs Answered by the Audiologists of a Hearing Aid Centre

What are the typical causes of hearing loss? 

Hearing loss can occur through many different causes, for example, exposure to loud noise, ageing or involvement in an accident. 

How do you know if you have hearing loss?

Hearing impairments can occur at any age and stage of life. It is not easy to notice the condition as it develops gradually. If you encounter any of the following signs, it is likely that you are developing hearing loss and should make an appointment with an audiologist. 

• Difficulties in keeping up with and listening to discussions often leave you exhausted 

• Often missing discussions or asking someone to repeat themselves

• The volume of TV and radio needs to be higher than usual

• The range of sounds that you notice in your environment reduces

What can you expect at your audiology appointment?

Audiology appointments usually take around 45-60 minutes. An audiologist tries to find out the reason for the hearing problem while evaluating the type and best solution. According to a well-known hearing aid centre in Kolkata, an audiology appointment involves a conversation to understand the cause, what you are experiencing and how it impacts you, and some simple hearing tests involving listening to sounds. If a hearing aid is the next step for you, your appointment may include a fitting.

What styles of hearing aids are used commonly?

There are various styles of hearing aids available to fit your requirements and improve your hearing. The three most typical hearing aid styles are:

Hearing Aids Style

Behind the ear (BTE)

These are appropriate for all ages and hearing issues due to their superior amplification abilities. BTE aids sit on top of or behind the outer ear. It has a tube that links to an earpiece that sits in your ear canal. 

In the ear (ITE)

These devices are fitted in a casing and comfortably fit on the outside of your ear. These hearing aids are customizable; therefore, they are extremely comfortable. 

In the canal (ITC)

This particular device sits within your ear canal and channels sound. These hearing aids are more discreet and completely customized to fit your ear canal.

What tests do you use to evaluate hearing? 

Our audiologists use several tests, depending on your age and the challenges you face. There are three types of hearing loss tests for children, including the otoacoustic emissions (OAE) test, auditory brain (ABR) test, and tympanometry. There are four types of tests for adults, including the tuning fork tests, speed and word recognition tests, acoustic reflex measures, and pure-tone tests.

When do you need to upgrade your hearing aids?

Hearing aids will need to be changed upon noticing the following signs

• Your machine is more than four years old 

• Your hearing is deteriorating 

• New tech is on the market 

Consult an audiologist before changing your hearing aid.

Will hearing aids make your hearing worse?

Hearing aids do not make your hearing worse. Initially, it may be a little discomforting, but your brain will soon adjust to the new sound levels. Hearing aids are safe to use and will not harm your ear canal as they are customized to fit perfectly.

Can lifestyle affect your hearing?

There are positive and negative lifestyle choices that can influence your hearing. For example, eating a healthy diet including fish, legumes, dark chocolate, etc., is known to boost the health of the ears. On the other hand, overly listening to loud music on headphones can harm your eardrums.

Contact Hearing Plus, a well-known hearing aid centre in Kolkata if you suffer from hearing loss.