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People who begin to lose their hearing are aware that it can have a significant impact on their lives, but they may be surprised by how it can affect their emotions. They can become angry or frustrated very easily when they feel helpless or depressed because of this condition.

All of these are normal reactions. A specialist of hearing aids in Kolkata explains how you can face your emotions and get through this difficult transition.

Don’t Keep Your Feelings to Yourself

Hearing loss can make you feel depressed or it might feel like the death of a part of you, but you must overcome it.

To do so, seek assistance from friends and family. You might also want to talk to a therapist about your feelings.

Facilitate Communication

You will not become accustomed to living with hearing loss overnight. This is especially true for the elderly, who wait an average of seven years to admit they have a hearing problem and seek treatment. 

When confronted with the condition, people frequently become isolated because social situations become significantly more difficult for them, says the expert of hearing test in Kolkata. If you’re the parent or spouse of someone who is hearing-impaired, here’s how you can assist them:

• Reduce background noise, such as the television or dishwasher.

• Before you begin talking, call or say their name.

• Speak clearly and slowly. Raising your voice can cause your words to sound distorted.

• When you speak, turn to face the person so they can see your mouth and gestures.

• Try to speak in well-lit, quiet and calm environments.

Know Your Options

When you learn more about hearing loss, you will be able to reduce your anxiety and begin to feel better, says the specialist of ear machines in Kolkata. There are also resources available to make your life easier. Seek the advice of a licensed audiologist, who can assist you in learning about:

• Treatment options like hearing aids or cochlear implants

• Support groups in your community

• What medical examinations you’ll require

Be Realistic

It’s upsetting to watch a family member lose their hearing and do nothing about it. There are times when family and friends practically force or trick their loved one into going to the audiologist’s office. But you can’t make someone change, says the expert of hearing test in Kolkata.

Is there a better strategy?

Discuss with your loved one what they are missing out on in life and how these situations can be improved.

It may take some time for your brain to adjust to the sound coming from the hearing aid. Learning to listen again is an important part of the process, especially when it comes to speech comprehension.

Obtain Treatment

When you lose your hearing, you may be concerned that you will lose your ability to communicate with those around you. But that is only true if you do not seek assistance.

Older adults who can’t hear well can also experience depression or anxiety. Hearing loss also impairs their ability to communicate with health care providers, emergency personnel and family members, posing a significant health risk.

But keep in mind that the condition is curable. Life is too short to miss the laughter of children or grandchildren, the sound of birds, or the sound of music. Take the risk and re-enter the game.

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