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It’s not pleasant to have your ears feeling clogged. Sound muffles in this condition, much like it does when your jet takes off or when you get water in your ears, says an expert of a well-known hearing aid center in Kolkata.

If the sensation lingers, it’s possible that it wasn’t simply the flight or the excursion to the pool that clogged your ears. There’s also a considerable distinction between clogged ears that causes pain and those that don’t.

Is your clogged ear causing pain?

Then you might have an ear infection. 

Ear infections are quite prevalent and can be caused by various factors such as sinus infections, excess mucus, allergies and even smoking. Clogged ears caused by a minor ear infection often last one to two weeks. This could linger longer if the abnormalities are in the inner ear. 

Mild ear infections resolve on their own and you can relieve pain with pain relievers or by simply pressing a warm towel to your ear.

If the pain and congestion persist after one or two weeks, you should consult a doctor. Some more serious inner-ear infections may be followed (in rare situations) by meningitis, a burst ear drum, or hearing loss, says the expert of hearing loss treatment in Kolkata.

Is your clogged ear not causing pain?

Then you most likely have a buildup of earwax. 

Earwax is generally beneficial. Earwax effectively protects our ears from dirt and bacteria by preventing them from passing through the ear canal and damaging our eardrums.

However, excessive earwax might induce symptoms of infection, tinnitus, vertigo, or a cough. And, as you are surely aware, it can impact your hearing. In fact, if the earwax is not cleared once in a while, it may eventually cause hearing loss.

People create varying amounts of earwax for a variety of reasons. Swimming, for example, has been linked to increased earwax production in some people. And if you produce a lot of earwax, you’re more likely to experience a blockage.

Hearing aids or earplugs tend to keep earwax from falling out of the ear, which might lead to a blockage. So, if you have a lot of ear wax, or if you wear hearing aids or earplugs frequently, make sure you get your ears cleaned once in a while to avoid blockage and getting your ears feeling clogged, says the expert of hearing tests in Kolkata.