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Hearing is one of life’s most wonderful blessings, which is why hearing impairment can be a frightening experience for everyone. In many cases, this condition can be treated but an audiologist cannot help you unless the problem is identified. This is why, if you discover symptoms of hearing impairment, you should take a hearing test, says an expert of rechargeable hearing aids in Kolkata.

Consider having your hearing tested if you notice any of the symptoms listed below.

1.You increase the volume on the television/radio

This one is quite easy to identify because you can actively see whether you’ve begun turning those devices up. If it’s only an occasional occurrence, it could be because the broadcast has a lesser volume. However, if you need a higher volume daily, you may have an ear condition. Even if it’s simply a wax accumulation, you must seek medical attention.

2. Difficulty understanding speech

Everyone has to ask someone to repeat themselves every now and again. However, if you find yourself doing this frequently, especially if you ask many people, this could be a symptom of hearing loss. Another red flag is difficulty understanding people when there is background noise, says the expert of the best ear machines in Kolkata.

3. Shifting your body to hear

If you have to shift your body to hear something, you may have hearing loss in one ear. Similarly, cupping the ear to block background noise is a red flag. However, ongoing degradation is likely to reach a point when treatment is no longer useful.

4. Can’t hear phone calls, doorbells, or alarms

Hearing loss can sometimes emerge as an inability to hear specific pitches and tones. Missed phone calls, doorbell and alarms are all common indicators of hearing impairment. If any of these become recurring concerns, hearing loss is most likely the root of the problem. Similarly, if you no longer hear chirping of birds and other natural components on your daily walks, it could be due to an ear condition, says the expert of hearing machines in Kolkata.

5. Conversations strain your energy

Many patients would strain to hear others during conversations without realizing it. Lip reading or focusing on them too much rather than the background noise is an example. While exhaustion is not a symptom of hearing loss, it can be associated with it. 

If you suspect hearing loss, don’t hesitate to get help. Hearing tests are painless and can be completed quickly by an audiologist, says the expert of hearing aids in Kolkata.