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Impact of Obesity on Hearing Loss 

Have you ever thought that obesity or weight gain might also lead to hearing loss? Several factors can lead to hearing loss, like loud noise, physical head injury, and age factor. But you might not be aware that obesity can also cause hearing issues. However, it does not look like it would be linked directly to hearing loss, but several factors due to additional weight gain can adversely affect hearing ability. This is the reason why many people undergo hearing loss treatment after suffering from hearing problem due to obesity. 

Causes of hearing loss due to obesity

There are several causes due to which obesity can lead to hearing problems. Let’s go through some of the causes.

Cholesterol Growth

Your weight gain can indirectly affect your hearing ability in an adverse way due to various reasons. Obesity can result in cholesterol growth within the arteries, which can lead to blood clots. If such blood flow restriction happens in the ear cells, it might permanently damage your hearing ability. The blockage in arteries due to cholesterol can cause irreplaceable damage to your ear. 

Excessive Fat

Excessive fat and cholesterol in your body can also have a high chance of a heart attack or cerebral attack. At the same time, brain stroke can also damage your hearing ability if the blood flow stops through the sensory nerves to your ears. 

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure and diabetes due to obesity can badly affect the condition of your ears. According to medical studies, oxygen and healthy blood flow contribute to keeping healthy ear cells. As obesity strains your capillary wall, it struggles to provide efficient transportation of oxygen to your ear cells. 

If you notice any of these aspects of obesity that have affected your hearing ability, then you should immediately visit the nearby clinic to get the best hearing loss treatment

Why is Hearing Loss Treatment important?

If you have experienced hearing loss due to obesity or any other factor, then hearing aids in Kolkata can help you to retrieve your hearing ability. There are several benefits of hearing aids which are mentioned below: 

  • Hearing aids improve your hearing ability.
  • It can also minimize deterioration in psychological functioning due to hearing impairment.
  • Hearing machine can reverse communication and emotional and social dysfunctions caused due to hearing impairment.
  • Hearing aids can allow users to enjoy a better hearing experience than non-users (deaf or partially). 
  • It can also help in developing social communication by reducing loneliness. 

These are the reasons why it is recommended to consult an audiologist in case of hearing loss to get the best hearing loss treatment in Kolkata and to make an effective recovery.