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What are CIC and IIC hearing aids?

Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids are completely moulded to fit inside the ear canal. These hearing aids are suitable for patients with mild to severe hearing loss. CIC is one of the most discreet hearing aids available in the market.

Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) is a small, discreet, personalized hearing aids. These hearing aids are shaped to fit deep inside the ear canal and are almost undetectable. 

Both these hearing aids have modern features and are digitally programmable. These invisible hearing aids are well-suited for patients who feel embarrassed and uncomfortable wearing traditional and old-fashioned hearing aids. 

Advantages and disadvantages of IIC hearing aids 

A well-known audiologist of a hearing aid centre in Kolkata lists down the advantages of wearing IIC hearing aids: 

  • IIC hearing aids are small and discreet. You will feel comfortable wearing these hearing machines. Since these hearing machines fit deep inside the ear canal, they are invisible. 
  • As these hearing aids are placed near the ear canal, they offer more natural sound quality. 
  • The hearing aids result in lower distortion of sound and need less power for amplification. 
  • IIC hearing aids are easy to wear. They do not get pulled off while wearing or removing helmets and face masks. 

However, IIC hearing aids also have some drawbacks, which are: 

  • These hearing aids need more maintenance as they are more prone to earwax clogging 
  • IIC hearing aids are not suitable for patients with profound hearing loss. 
  • IIC uses small batteries that require frequent changing. 
  • IIC hearing aids can’t be fitted properly in patients with small or collapsed ear canal. 
  • Also, IIC hearing aids are not recommended to patients with middle ear infections or discharge from the ear and tympanic membrane perforation and. 

Advantages and disadvantages of CIC hearing aids 

CIC hearing aids offer several advantages to the wearers. However, there are also drawbacks that you must be aware of before purchasing one. So let’s discuss. 


  • CIC can be customized according to the shape of the ear canal of the patients. As a result, they are comfortable to wear. 
  • They are less susceptible to wind noise. 
  • CIC hearing aids are easy to use with a phone.


  • These hearing aids have small batteries, which are difficult to handle and have a short life span. 
  • Functions like volume control and directional microphone are missing. 
  • CIC hearing aids are expensive. 
  • CIC hearing aids are also not suitable for patients with middle ear infections or discharge from the ear, and tympanic membrane perforation. 
  • Moreover, these hearing aids also can’t be fitted in patients having small or collapsed ear canal. 

You can get the latest models of IIC and CIC hearing aids in an ear machine centre in Kolkata

Before purchasing hearing aids, it is advisable to consult an audiologist who will guide you in choosing the right style of hearing aids.