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It’s scary as a parent to consider the effects of a hearing loss on your child’s development and future. Children with hearing conditions no longer have to suffer from developmental delays, jeopardized safety, or living with less-than-adequate hearing like before, thanks to modern treatment options, says the expert of hearing loss treatment in Kolkata.

Many parents who bring their child to an audiologist’s office have never had hearing problems, so they are understandably concerned. Ask your child’s audiologist the following questions to fill in knowledge gaps and boost your confidence about the situation.

1. What type and severity of hearing impairment does my child have? Please define the terms for me.

Sensorineural, conductive and auditory neuropathy are terms that most people are unfamiliar with. If these terms come up while your audiologist explains your child’s hearing condition, be sure to ask for definitions and simplified explanations. 

The more you know about your child’s hearing condition, the better prepared you’ll be to stay involved in the treatment process and assist them in receiving the best care for years to come, says the expert of hearing test in Kolkata.

2. Is my child’s hearing loss permanent? Will it improve or worsen?

Some hearing conditions that children are born with can be treated with surgery and therapy, while others will require treatment and monitoring for the rest of their lives. Your audiologist may not have all the answers about how your child’s body will react to the treatment. Still, they have the best knowledge and experience to give you a realistic outlook and the most comprehensive treatment options as your child grow and as the hearing needs change.

3. How will my child’s speech and language development be affected by their hearing loss?

Hearing conditions do not have to interfere with a child’s early speech and language learning if it is detected early enough. The longer a hearing condition goes undiagnosed and untreated, the more difficult it will be for a child to make up for a lost time, even with surgery, hearing aids and speech therapy. Your audiologist will be open and honest with you about how your child’s hearing condition will affect them as they grow older, says the expert of hearing loss treatment in Kolkata.

It’s not easy to discover that your child has a hearing problem. Still, with the right treatments, therapy and counseling from an experienced audiologist, children can live healthy, normal lives despite their hearing loss. Seek answers to these questions during your first visit to ensure you’re prepared to assist your child in any way possible, says the expert of the hearing aid centre in Kolkata.