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Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are convenient hearing devices fitting a wide array of hearing impairments. Moreover, this kind of ear machine is usually the most powerful. These devices come with numerous benefits, from coming in skin and hair tones and being ideal for adults and children alike. They sit behind the ear canal, so they are also extremely comfortable to wear, avoiding the feeling of having something inside the ear canal.

Who Can Use BTE Hearing Aids?

Many audiologists suggest BTE hearing aids for moderate-to-profound hearing impairments. If one tends to do moderate tasks, they can consider these aids because their strategic housing rests behind the ear and do not come in the way while working.

How Do BTEs Work?

BTEs come in different sizes, with the smallest being virtually less visible to others. BTE ear machines for listening broadcast the sound into the ear through a discreet tubing that leads into a customized ear mould.

Because BTE ear machines have extra space, they can accommodate more additional features to give excellent performance even if one encounters profound hearing issues. Finally, these machines are comfortable and easy to mould and manoeuvre around with them.

The Structure Of A BTE Hearing Aid

BTE Hearing Aid

All ear machines have similar features. Other than those, a BTE hearing aid has exceptional components. It has a microphone that picks up sound vibrations and transforms them into electrical signals. It also has an amplifier that enhances the volume and makes sure that sounds are clear. A BTE has a speech processor that adapts depending on the user’s hearing requirements.

BTE hearing aids also have an audio input that takes up signals from other external devices. Also, these aids use a battery for energy supply. One can either use a disposable or a rechargeable battery, with the latter lasting for up to 24 hours with only one charge.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of BTEs

The best thing about behind-the-ear hearing aids is that they are effortless to handle, insert and adjust in the ears. Furthermore, they are appropriate for a wide range of hearing loss, and there is always room to fit more electric features to enhance their performance. Also, behind-the-ears hearing aids have longer battery life because of their larger batteries.

However, BTE ear machines have a few disadvantages, like more visibility and sensitivity to the wind like any other device.

With BTE, one can experience improved hearing since these aids will amplify and filter sounds to have a clear hearing. However, it will be best to get recommendations from an audiologist rather than purchasing them yourself. Contact Hearing Plus, the best ear machine centre if you suffer from hearing loss.