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Why there is a need to wear 2 Hearing Aids? If you discover that you are suffering from a Hearing Loss, then have to visit an Audiologist to check your Hearing Loss Condition. It is always recommended to wear 2 Hearing Aids as it will improve the Hearing loss condition and enables better Hearing. Being an Audiologist we identified a Hearing Loss condition case about 2 years back. Women with an age group of 54 years visited our Hearing Solutions clinic. Initially, she was discovered with mild Hearing loss. She was recommended for wearing 2 Hearing Aids but she insisted to go with only one Hearing aids, for the one she was facing the problem with. After 2 years she revisited the Hearing Clinic and noticed that her Hearing condition was improved to one Ear while Hearing condition decreased to another ear. The decrease in the hearing condition is because of using a monaural hearing aid rather than a binaural hearing aid. 

At is this point, she was strongly recommended to wear Binaural Hearing Aid. Finally, she was replaced with 2 Hearing aids. She was elated and said”  “I can get by with one but Oh God! having two is so much better for my hearing.”  with the difference in hearing and regretted to skip 2 Hearing Aids.