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How do you want your hearing to be like?

It is an important question that people with hearing loss rarely consider, but perhaps they should. After all, hearing is one of the crucial senses that connect us to the world.

At Hearing Plus, we think hearing should be as natural as possible and free from hindrances, even for people who use ear aid machines.

The brain plays an integral part in hearing

The brain plays an important part in the hearing process. Our ears accumulate sound, but it’s the brain where the sound is analyzed and understood. Therefore, the brain functions best when it receives a large spectrum of surround sounds, just as nature intended.

Therefore, hearing aids should not only make sounds loud enough, but they should also give the brain access to all the surrounding sounds to help it create a more elaborate auditory image. Hearing Plus’s hearing aids simulate accurate stereophonic sound; therefore, the brain requires less effort to comprehend and understand the missing sounds, leaving more mental energy for other cognitive abilities like thinking and remembering.

The old ways of making hearing aids

Old hearing aids were made to focus on the primary source of the sound. In fact, many still are.

This is how they work – the old hearing aids try to compensate for the hearing loss by increasing the volume instead of optimizing the sound to make it easier for the brain to comprehend.

However, this increase in volume overloads the ears, especially in noisy and crowded situations like cafes and family dinners. So, they cut out the ambient noise and focus on the narrow beam of sound coming from the direction in which a person wearing the hearing aid looks. Cutting the ambient noises limit the stimuli coming to the brain and without all the details of the other sounds, the brain cannot function the way it is supposed to.

The brain attempts to fill in the gaps by guessing the missing sounds causing stress and fatigue. This constant guessing leaves the brain with less spare capacity for other things like thinking and remembering, making socializing harder.

Brain-friendly hearing aids are the way to go

Hearing Plus’s brain-friendly hearing aids absorb and optimize the primary sound along with the complete spectrum of ambient noises.

Our brain-friendly ear machines can lessen the strain on a person’s brain and provide them with more pleasant, natural, and balanced sounds instead of simply amplifying individual sound sources.

Would you like to hear like that?

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