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Binaural hearing or hearing with both ears provides the brain a complete set of stimulus data which it then deciphers, providing space perception, depth perception, and balance. 

So, suppose you’re using one hearing aid when your hearing test indicates that you need two. In that case, you provide your brain with only 50% of the data sets that it needs to hear and understand. Thus, also removing the ability to perceive space and depth.

According to an audiologist of Hearing Plus, a hearing aids clinic in Guwahati, here are some reasons why you should use binaural hearing aids – 

Less Amplification Power

Wearing two hearing aids lessens the required amplification power to hear a sound. The reduced need for amplification means that loud sounds are more comfortable and less stressful to hear.

Depth Perception

If you have listened to music in stereo instead of mono, you’ll know that stereo is necessary for depth perception. In mono, all sounds appear flat and artificial. Your hearing is the same. 

Binaural hearing is necessary as it allows you to use frequency and cues to perceive depth accurately, says the audiologist of our ear machine centre in Guwahati.

Direction of Sound

One may frequently wonder, “Where is that sound coming from?” when using only one ear to listen. However, binaural hearing enables the listener to locate sounds in all directions and focus on a single source. 

Space Perception

Your brain has two halves collaborating to provide you with a complete auditory image. For these two halves to work in unison, they require a comprehensive data set that binaural hearing can provide. 

Just as your brain uses the images both of your eyes see to develop one cohesive picture spatial perception is created by your two ears working together.

Hearing in a Noisy Environment

In noisy settings, like in a bustling café, it is harder to concentrate on a single sound source. Even with two ears, it can be challenging to distinguish voices from background noise, and with just one ear, it is nearly impossible. 

Therefore, the audiologists at our hearing aids clinic in Guwahati recommend binaural hearing aids as they provide the best opportunity to hear in a noisy environment.

In Conclusion

An extremely crucial step in your journey to better hearing is to heed the advice of your hearing specialist. 

Although you may want to try using just one hearing aid, we believe the advantages of binaural hearing are too significant to overlook. 

Explore our selection of the wide range of industry-standard hearing aids under the guidance of expert audiologists and find a perfect solution for your needs.