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Alternative Listening Devices

Wireless Headphones

When viewing TV at home, you may need the volume to be much higher than the folks around you. We offer portable wireless sound amplification systems to solve this problem, allowing you to watch TV at any volume you desire. The infrared device uses a transmitter/receiver system that can broadcast sound impulses up to 50 feet away, directly to your headset.

CROS – A fix for one-sided hearing loss

This device is for individuals who have extreme hearing loss in one ear and are unable to benefit from hearing aids. It is equipped with a small transmitter that is hidden behind or inside the non-hearing ear. The sound is then wirelessly transmitted to a receiver in the healthy ear, allowing noises from both sides to be heard.

FM Systems

Hearing speech sounds clearly in noisy situations is tough for everyone, but it’s even more difficult for those with hearing loss. You can isolate the sounds you wish to hear and drown out the rest with our high-quality FM technology. The system works with a transmitter microphone that is either worn by the speaker – say, your companion – or put in the middle of a group of people. The microphone then sends these signals wirelessly to your hearing aid without picking up any background noise.