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There are an increasing number of hearing aids designed specifically for smartphones. This technology allows you to send audio directly from your smartphone to your hearing aids. In a nutshell, your hearing aids can function as wireless headphones. Not all Bluetooth hearing aids are smartphone-compatible; only those labeled Made for iPhone or Made for Android are, says an expert of rechargeable hearing aids in Kolkata.

The good news is that they are simple to set up — the technology does most of the work for you! The concept is the same whether you have Apple or Android phone compatible hearing aids. The ear machine specialist explains below how you can connect your hearing aids to your smartphone.

How to connect your hearing aids to your smartphone?

Turn on your Bluetooth device

Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone or Android device. Locate Bluetooth (it should be near the top of the menu), select it and turn it on.

Find your hearing aids on the list

Return to the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down to Accessibility and click on it. Scroll about halfway down that menu until you find Hearing Devices and click on it. Your hearing aids should be on the list, says the specialist of hearing aid fitting in Kolkata.

When you switched on Bluetooth on your Android phone, it should have begun “searching” for other Bluetooth-enabled devices to connect to. Your hearing aids should be listed within seconds.

If your phone does not identify your hearing aids within a few seconds, you may need to open and shut the battery doors or charge them. This turns them off and then back on, which should assist your phone in locating them, says the expert of hearing aid reprogramming in Kolkata.

Choose your hearing aids

When your phone finally recognizes your hearing aids as an option, choose them. They will begin to link, which might take up to 30 seconds or more.

Connecting Your Hearing Aids to Other Devices

Streamers for smartphones

You can still wirelessly stream audio from your smartphone to your hearing aids if your hearing aids aren’t Made for iPhone or Made for Android. It just requires a single, tiny wireless gadget known as a streamer, which attaches to your collar or hangs from your neck and maybe hidden behind your clothing.