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Hearing Aid Trial: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Hearing Aid Trial: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Do you need to buy hearing aids? Make sure to undergo a hearing aid trial before purchasing one. Here’s everything you need to know about a hearing aid trial. 

Do you struggle to hear noises and follow conversation? If the answer is “Yes”, you might need hearing aids. But getting a hearing aid can be an important decision in your life. In most cases, it is seen patients purchase hearing aids according to their budget and diverse technologies. However, it is noticed that patients still fail to follow conversations because the hearing aid does not have the requirement according to their needs. Hence, a hearing aid test and trial is necessary to identify the severity of hearing loss and the type of hearing aid required. 

Know everything about hearing aid trial

Here are the steps which you must undergo for a hearing aid trial. Let’s know. 

  1. Get your hearing tested

It is crucial for you to get your hearing screened to know the type of hearing loss you are suffering from and its severity. During hearing tests in Kolkata, an audiologist checks all the aspects of your hearing health. 

  1. Diagnosing your hearing loss

Diagnosis of your hearing loss is important as it will help to identify the type of hearing aid required to address your hearing issues. For instance, a person with mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss may require an open-fit hearing aid to experience a natural quality of sound. However, a patient with severe or profound hearing loss may be recommended a close-fit hearing aid. 

  1. Buying the right hearing aid 

After diagnosing your hearing loss issues, the first step is to seek proper treatment and get your required hearing aids. But the question is which hearing aid will be appropriate for you. Before purchasing hearing machines, it is advisable to consult an audiologist at a hearing aid clinic. 

During your hearing aid trial, various hearing aids are tested based on your hearing loss to check which one is the most suitable for you. There are different factors which need to be kept in mind while selecting the required hearing aid.

  1. The type and severity of your hearing loss 
  2. Your lifestyle and working environment 
  3. Your dexterity in handling the batteries of the hearing aids. 

While trying on hearing aids, always try hearing aids from different brands and models. Preferring a specific brand or model may not be suitable for you. Thus, you are advised to undergo a hearing aid trial to know the required hearing aid, which will improve your hearing ability and speech perception. 


Most patients buy hearing aids without undergoing a hearing aid trial. Always consult an audiologist and wear different types of hearing aids to find the best one for you. 

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What are earmolds & how do they work?

What are earmolds & how do they work?

Earmolds are commonly used in hearing aids and have plenty of benefits. However, there are many patients who might not know what earmolds actually are and why they are used. Whenever you go for hearing loss treatment, your audiologist will try different ways to maximise your hearing experience. 

If your audiologist finds that you have severe hearing loss, you can be recommended hearing aids with earmolds. 

What are earmolds? 

For people who experience hearing loss at low frequencies and across all frequencies, earmolds can be given to deliver better sound quality. An earmold is made up of silicon and is customised to the shape of your ear. Earmolds can be of different styles and colours depending on what the patients want. 

A well-known audiologist stated that earmolds are recommended for patients with severe or profound hearing loss because they channel the sound from the hearing aids directly into the patient’s ear. 

While preparing the earmolds, your ear canal will be filled with a kind of wax to cast an impression which will be removed after some time. The procedure might make you feel uncomfortable, and you may feel that your ears are filled with water. The actual earmold will be made from the impression taken. 

An earmold generally consists of the following components: 

  • A sound outlet 
  • A vent for enhancement of the sound 
  • A tube to connect the device to the hearing aids

Earmolds are mostly used for BTE hearing aids. It amplifies the sound directly into the ear and also protects the ears from noisy environments. 

You can get the best hearing aids in Kolkata along with earmolds at an affordable price with the latest features. 

How do earmolds works? 

The main purpose of earmolds is to transmit sound directly into the ears without any interference from outside environmental noise. Moreover, it prevents the tinnitus-like symptoms caused by feedback from entering the ears. 

Earmolds work in the following ways: 

  • The microphone in the hearing aids picks up the sound 
  • The hearing aids then cancel the background noise 
  • The sound then travels from the tubing of the earmold into the ear 
  • The seals stop other unwanted noise from entering the ear

So, if you need to buy earmolds, search “Hearing aids clinic near me” and consult the best audiologist who will guide you select the appropriate earmolds. 

What are the benefits of using earmolds? 

There are several benefits of using BTE hearing aids with earmolds, such as: 

  • They deliver clear and natural sound 
  • They help in feedback cancellation 
  • Patients can control the BTE hearing aids along with earmolds with ease and flexibility
  • In children, earmolds help in hearing aid fitting

The majority of hearing loss patients feel uncomfortable using hearing aids. However, hearing aids with a customised earmold will produce an effective result and will serve as the best hearing loss treatment option. 

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Can hearing loss treatment improve relationships?

Can hearing loss treatment improve relationships?

Communication is an important part of our lives. We need to interact with people in our everyday life. However, hearing loss may interfere with the normal life of the individuals. An audiologist of a hearing aids clinic stated that hearing loss produces a sense of frustration, embarrassment and distress for the individual and often leads to stress in relationships. 

In this blog, we will discuss how hearing loss can strain relationships and how hearing loss treatment can help. 

How hearing loss affects relationships?

A well-known audiologist of a hearing aids centre in Kolkata stated that more than half of the patients reported that hearing loss can impact their relationship with friends, family and romantic partners and poses various hindrances. 

Hearing loss can affect your relationships to suffer in the following ways. 

  • Reduce the quality of communication 
  • Lead to frequent arguments 
  • Make the individual withdraw socially 
  • Give rise to loneliness and frustration 
  • Resentment in both the partners 
  • Decrease in intimate talks 
  • Decrease in shared activities 

All these ways bring about a significant change in the nature of communication due to hearing loss. 

Those with hearing loss often viewed their partners or family members as a source of support. But at times, even the most supportive partners had faced difficulty to truly understand the symptoms of hearing loss. 

Communicate with individuals with hearing loss

The first step to helping individuals with hearing loss is to seek the best hearing loss treatment. Whenever you notice any hearing loss symptom in your partner, family members or friends, take them to an experienced audiologist as soon as possible. 

They may be recommended hearing machines according to their requirements and type of hearing loss. 

People with hearing loss tend to isolate themselves because conversation becomes difficult. You really have to be patient with them and come forward to help. 

Consider some of the following ways to communicate with hearing-impaired patients to reduce conversation breakdowns. 

  • Communicate face to face 
  • Speak slowly with clear pronunciation 
  • Try to get their attention during the conversation 
  • Avoid shouting or screaming 
  • Don’t get frustrated 

One of the successful contributors to healthy hearing is support from loved ones. Moreover, don’t delay in getting hearing aids because they not only improve quality of life but also improves relationships and communication. 

So, if any of your loved ones is experiencing communication difficulties with hearing loss, don’t delay in getting them treated. 

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Are Bluetooth hearing aids worth using for hearing loss treatment?

Are Bluetooth hearing aids worth using for hearing loss treatment?

Gone are those days when hearing aids were traditional, bulky and had fewer features. Now hearing aids have the latest features, among which Bluetooth connectivity is gaining much hype. Bluetooth technology became popular in the late 1990s as a way to transfer data. But the question is, are Bluetooth hearing aids worth buying as a treatment option for hearing loss

What are Bluetooth hearing aids? 

When it comes to managing hearing loss, hearing aids are the most preferred option. But what type of hearing aids should you buy? There is a wide range of hearing devices available in the market. Today, there are more sophisticated hearing aids having Bluetooth connectivity, making it possible to connect to other devices so that the sound can stream directly into the ear.

An audiologist of a hearing aid centre in Kolkata even stated that Bluetooth hearing aids are known for offering the best quality sound as it helps to stream the audio directly into the ear, thereby reducing unwanted background noise. Bluetooth hearing aids can be connected to smartphones, TV, computer and other devices allowing the users to stream good quality sound directly into the ear. 

The sound quality of Bluetooth hearing aids is natural, and you will also be able to know the direction of sound. 

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids offer great sound clarity to patients allowing them to listen to sound with less distortion. These hearing devices are great to use in noisy environments. 

Bluetooth hearing aids are an ideal option for patients who want to have media consumption and phone conversation with more ease and flexibility. 

Thus, if you need the latest brands and models of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, you can purchase them from an ear machine shop in Kolkata at an affordable price. 

Pros of using Bluetooth hearing aids 

An audiologist of a hearing aid centre in Kolkata discussed the pros of investing in Bluetooth hearing aids. Let’s know. 

  • You can directly take calls with your hearing aids 
  • You can adjust the volume and even use artificial intelligence to customize the programs based on the environment. 
  • You can connect to multiple devices and switch between watching TV and taking phone calls with ease. 
  • You can enjoy better and more natural sound quality. 
  • You can listen to podcasts and music on your hearing aids. 

All these features make Bluetooth hearing aids worth purchasing. But before buying any hearing machine, you must always consult an audiologist who will help you to choose hearing aids according to your requirement. 

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Best brands for rechargeable hearing aids

Best brands for rechargeable hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids have in-built batteries that do not require regular removal, unlike traditional hearing aids, which come which comes with disposable batteries. Most rechargeable hearing devices are well-suited for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss. However, there are some brands of rechargeable hearing aids that are recommended to patients with even severe to profound hearing loss. 

Let’s discuss the best brands for rechargeable hearing aids. 

Some best rechargeable hearing aids brands

Below are the top brands of rechargeable hearing aids recommended by audiologists as the best hearing loss treatment options.

  • Oticon: They are one of the largest manufacturers of hearing aids, selling various hearing aid styles according to your requirement. Oticon hearing aids are the smallest hearing aids available in the market with speaker wire. 
  • Starkey: Starkey’ rechargeable hearing aids are small and easy to use and offer long-lasting charges for daylong hearing. Starkey offers portable chargers which provide charging without plugging into the wall. 
  • Phonak: Phonak is one of the largest rechargeable hearing aids manufacturer. Phonak hearing aids provide natural sound quality and also have wireless technology with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Interton: Interton is a part of the GN Group based in Denmark. Interton hearing aids offer great sound management options for listening comfort and better speech understanding. These hearing aids also have rechargeable battery with Bluetooth connection. 
  • Signia: Signia is one three brand of hearing aids. They have hearing aids with technology and features for better speech and hearing ability. Signia hearing aids covers all types and severity of hearing loss 
  • Widex: Widex hearing aids have latest technology offering high quality and natural sound even in noisy environments. Widex offers rechargeable hearing aids suitable for patients with different range of hearing loss. 
  • Audio Service: With its newest motion technology, Audio Service hearing aids can automatically adjust itself to over 120 different sounds in the environment and ensure that the users have the best possible hearing experience.
  • Coselgi: Coselgi offers affordable rechargeable hearing aids offering excellent sound quality to people and modern features. The advanced technology in Coselgi hearing aids helps patients with natural sound quality and you can even the best hearing option that best matches your workibg environment. 

You can get the latest models of rechargeable hearing devices from an ear machine centre in Kolkata and get the best hearing aids as per requirements and budget. But before buying hearing aids, it is advisable to consult an audiologist who will recommend hearing devices for your specific needs. 

What is the purpose of hearing aid machines?

What is the purpose of hearing aid machines?

For millions of people having a hearing impairment, hearing aid machines are the most effective option to treat hearing loss. Hearing aid machines are battery-powered small electronic devices that are highly customized to treat different kinds of hearing loss and improve your hearing. 

Purpose of hearing aids machines

Hearing loss develops over time, and most people are unaware of it until it leads to permanent hearing loss. Hence, it is required to seek hearing loss treatment where experienced audiologists recommend the best hearing machines according to your requirements. 

Hearing aid machines improve your hearing and offer less strain to your ear while listening. Some of the benefits of hearing aid machines are:

  •      Improved hearing in noisy environments while watching television and having conversations. Initially, the clock ticking, footsteps and other everyday sounds will sound loud. Eventually, your ability to hear such sounds will improve as your brain will adjust to hearing these soft sounds.
  • Less interference from background noise. Choosing hearing aid machines with dual microphone help to reduce loud background noise and focus on words and conversations. 
  • Hearing aid machines and the human brain have a strong link. Untreated hearing loss leads to cognitive decline in the brain. Hearing aid machines will allow you to listen to words and sounds in the environment and patients can resume their quality of life. 
  • Untreated hearing loss causes psychological issues. You might suffer from loneliness and tend to avoid social gatherings. This can lead to stress, depression and frustration. Hearing aid machines will improve your ability to hear, and will boost your self-esteem. 

You will get the latest models of hearing aids in Kolkata with modern features suited to your requirement and lifestyle. 

Factors to consider before purchasing the appropriate hearing aid machines

You need to know that a particular hearing aid machine might not work for everyone. You must consider the below-mentioned factors while selecting the required hearing aid machines for you, suggests a well-known audiologist of a hearing aid centre In Kolkata.

  • Noise reduction capacity of at least 22 dB. 
  • Your lifestyle and working environment. If you are leading an active lifestyle, you might need to use premium range hearing aids. But basic range hearing machines will be fine if you stay at home.
  • Modern features like Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable battery and automatic adjustability.
  • Your hearing aid machines must fit properly and encompass your ear; otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to wear. 

Always consult an experienced and certified audiologist before purchasing hearing aid machines. Your audiologist will recommend the hearing machines best suited to your lifestyle and budget.