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With the arrival of summer comes a slew of new concerns. When it comes to hearing aids, one should be aware of a lot of information before exposing them to the world. They’re not indestructible and if one doesn’t know how to care for them properly, they’ll get damaged. 

Whether used for summer activities or not, hearing aids require proper care to ensure that they will last their entire lifespan. It’s something one relies on and the last thing one wants for them is to fail, says an expert of hearing aid in Kolkata.

Getting a Hearing Aid

When one has hearing loss, the best thing they can do is to visit an audiologist. One’s audiologist can assist them in determining the best hearing aids for them and the ones that will fit the best into their life and help them the most. There are various types of hearing aids, and one should be aware of their differences.

In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids have unique advantages that set them apart from other types. As the name implies, they sit in one’s ear and many people claim that they make them more discreet and more comfortable.

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids can also be beneficial for various reasons. While they do not sit in the ear, most of them are located behind the ear, making them easier to access. Because they are on the outside of the ear, they are much easier to keep clean.

In-the-canal (ITC) ear machines are the most discreet of all of them. They’re ideal for those who want to keep things as low-key as possible, says an expert of hearing machines in Kolkata.

Which Activities to Avoid In Summer If You Wear Hearing Aids?

Summer weather typically invites a whole new set of activities that one would usually not do at any other time of year. Many of them usually involve water. While spending time on the water may seem appealing, one should be aware that hearing aids are not waterproof. While they may be water-resistant, one must understand that they should be kept as far away from water as possible.

In the summer, people tend to sweat a lot more than at any other time of the year. Even walking for a few minutes can increase sweating and damage the ear machine. The best thing to do is carry a rag or a piece of cloth with you to dry your hearing aids periodically.

Performing Maintenance

One must perform regular maintenance on their hearing aids if they do not want them to be damaged. They may require a lot of attention, but it’s worth time if it means not having to buy more or pay to have them repaired, says the specialist of the best ear machine in Kolkata.

To begin, one should always keep their hearing aid away from moisture. As previously stated, they are not waterproof and even water-resistant hearing aids will struggle if exposed to excessive moisture. It’s best not to risk it, so even when they’re not in the ear, one should make sure to store them somewhere dry.

One should keep the batteries charged. Allowing them to die out can cause damage to the hearing aids, so keeping them charged is critical. 

While it’s challenging to keep them free of earwax, one should at the very least clean them whenever they take them out. It’s impossible to avoid earwax entirely, but one should avoid allowing it to accumulate.

One should clean them once a day. If one takes good care of them, they will last longer and not have to go without them for an extended period.

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