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Due to Covid-19, everyone is recommended to wear masks to stop the spread of the virus. Wearing masks take some time to get accustomed to, especially if you wear both hearing aids and a mask.

The challenge

Did you lose your hearing aid? You are not alone. People wearing hearing aids and masks must have encountered that ear loops on face masks tend to tug on BTE hearing aids, which causes discomfort. Many also state that removing the mask causes hearing aids to fall out. It can happen so fast that it’s unnoticeable and like an earring, it can be easy to lose. Fortunately, we have options to help. Depending on your hearing aid’s model, you may be able to locate it through an app or perhaps replace it through your warranty. 

When everyone nearby is wearing a face mask, it is hard for people with hearing problems to communicate. It is because masks muffle speech, which makes it harder to hear and because many people with hearing loss depend on lip-reading to understand, which is not possible when there is a physical barrier over the mouth. Below are some suggestions for communicating while wearing masks.

Communication Strategies

  • Reduce background sound or find a quiet area
  • Talk slowly and clearly, but do not shout
  • Rephrase words if not understood
  • Get the listener’s concentration and make eye contact before talking
  • Take turns while talking and do not interfere with one another
  • Talk while facing each other – don’t talk while walking
  • Consider buying a portable hearing aid amplifier
  • Advocate for yourself and express your listening needs

Tips for wearing masks and hearing aids together with ease

We have some hacks to make wearing both masks and hearing aids easier.

  • Instead of pulling a mask’s elastic or string forward when removing a mask, pull it up, so it has fewer chances to catch on the hearing aid
  • When you take off a mask, always ensure that your hearing aid is still on or in the ear
  • Some BTE hearing aid wearers have advised that instead of using your ears to secure a mask, you connect the mask to a headband, giving more space for your hearing aids
  • People with long hair may find it convenient to secure their hair in a ponytail, so it doesn’t get caught in a mask or on hearing aids
  • Wear masks with soft fabric ties instead of elastic to reduce pressure on the ears

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